SHIPSA fleet moved by strong will.

The common mission of the Katsuyama Group is represented by the acronym "SHIPS." It is an image of a strong fleet sailing the seven seas under the slogan "action with thinking."
The five words of the acronym express our strong will and the significance of Katsuyama Group in the global market.

Offering the latest useful information about new products and applications.
Providing a wide range of products from partner companies, as well as our own high-value-added original products.
Taking advantage of our trading and manufacturing functions to offer a combination of products that give the high-value-added solutions demanded by our customers.
Providing total solutions and services to meet the needs and demands of the market as a provider of total solutions with unique and original engineering technology and multiple functions.
Providing full support for the quality and safety of products so that customers can use them long-term.